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"In the end we are all on the same journey. We may have different experiences going through life but our experiences and how we handle them (our choices) are what make us unique."

Nora Squires Nora Squires is a healer who has been in practice since 1998. She has worked intuitively with her clients over the past 17 years and by a unique combination of different energy modalities and visualizations, she facilitated healing at an accelerated rate on all levels.

Accredited in Reiki, Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, EMF Balancing Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique and BioSpiritual Focusing, Nora was dedicated to the full empowerment of all her clients. Nora is a sensitive and caring person whose passion for her work increases as she discovers more and more the beauty and learning that comes from every client she meets.

"My clients are my greatest teachers; they are always challenging me to find new ways to enhance their well being and in doing so I enhance my own life."

Based on her practice and the amazing results she has experienced over the years, Nora has developed a series of powerful workshops and seminars that teach people how to use various energy modalities for self healing and to reduce stress. The relaxed and safe environment that she creates provides support for the participants, and allows all who attend to make positive changes in their lives.

Her workshops include: For times and information on registering for a workshop please visit the Workshop Page.

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